9th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems

September 20 - 27, 2014, Venice-Istanbul
The local organizing committee wishes to thank all participants for a very successfull conference!

You can find some of the images in the gallery. Additionally, you can download plenary lectures' presentations as well as all the presentations from the panels.

Please beware of invitations for publishing from journals not related to the conference! Official invitation will be distributed only from the sdewes conference email, and will have a conference header and an option to accept or decline the invitation.

For all attendees who have submitted a full paper which is included in the proceedings, please cite it as follows:

N1. Surname1, N2. Surname2, other authors, Title, Proceedings of the 9th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems, SDEWES2014.nnnn, 1-m (2014)
(where "nnnn" is your submission code and "m" is the page count of your submission)

If you attended the conference, make sure you log in into the conference system and fill our post-conference survey.
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  • Optimal time of check-out and disembarkation: 2-3h after arriving on September 27th.
  • Prams and wheelchairs are always admitted
  • MSC Cruises has a special arrangement with a car park at most ports of embarkation. There is a charge for this service. Guests are advised to phone in advance for reservations.
  • More information about parking at Venice Cruise Terminals on following link
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On board

Dinner is served in the restaurants in two sittings. All SDEWES2014 participants and their accompanying persons are under a same SDEWES group code which has a later dinner (sitting) at 20:45h at Golden Lobster restaurant. However, for lunch participants can choose to eat in any restaurant. Here you can see a list of all restaurants on board of MSC Preziosa: http://www.msccruisesusa.com/us_en/Ships/MSC-Preziosa/Restaurant.aspx.

Safety Drills and Briefings are held at the beginning of your cruise to ensure your familiarity with the safety equipment and evacuation procedures in case of an emergency. Their importance cannot be overemphasised.
Safety Drills are held upon embarkation from main cruise ports, while Safety Briefings are conducted for all newly-embarked guests joining the cruise in secondary ports.
As a safety precaution, Security staff may search Guests and their luggage and confiscate any item that the Company considers could risk the safety of Passengers, Crew of ship (such as arms, knives, boilers, irons etc.).
On board, staff reserves the right to remove any beverages present in passenger baggage. These will be returned the evening before disembarkation. Passengers are not permitted to bring unpackaged food on board.
Electricity on board all ships is supplied at a voltage of 110/220 V. Passengers may request electrical outlet adapters from the Information Office.
Please note that no heat-generating devices (like electric kettles, bottle warmer for babies, electric blanket, etc.) are allowed on board.
All on board purchases are made with a dedicated Cruise Card so there is no need to carry cash or credit card as all charges are simply added to your card. All services not included in the cruise price shall be paid at the end of the cruise, along with gratuities (7 € per person per night). Therefore, there is no need to tip the staff. Upon embarking, passengers are advised to leave a credit card imprint in order to immediately settle the bill at the end of the cruise. The on board currency is Euro (€). For example, meals in buffet/seated restaurants or performance attendance is free for passengers for all on board performances, but Wi-Fi, excursions, beverage packages, photos, SPA services and specialty restaurants are all charged extra and paid at the end of the cruise.
Here is the link with current position of MSC Preziosa: http://www.seascanner.com/schiffsposition.php?schiff=Preziosa

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